Committed to Compassionate Care

For close to a hundred years now the Devan name has been synonymous with Trust. Trust that has been won and retained by successive generations of Devan people, who have made it their Mission to give back to the Society more than what it draws from it for sustenance. To us, Devan is much more than a mere name, it is a way of life, it what we strive to be, in everything we do, at all points in time. Being Devan is a means to an end, not the end in itself.

The 400 bed Multi-Specialty Devan Hospital & Devi Jain Research Centre too is build around this core principle of Selfless, Single-minded and Sustainable Service. A pioneering status in the healthcare domain in the Eastern parts of India with what was, and continues to be, a world class facility backed by some of the most acclaimed medical practitioners in their respective fields of excellence and a clinic of caregivers who raises the bar of nursing on a daily basis, Devan continues to set goals in excellence only to surpass them. As a matter of fact, in the last year and a half itself, the Hospital has gone through a major inter functional and multidimensional revamp process, aimed at ensuring that its infrastructure remain cutting edge.

Key Initiatives

The Emergency Section, which often marks the difference between life and death, has been equipped with a dedicated operation theatre, is manned by emergency consultants on a 24 X 7 basis; is backed by a new fleet of ambulances and necessary life saving infrastructural facilities. This has resulted in a substantial reduction in the response time in this 19 bed amenity, increasing the success rate of critical care manifold.

The Thalassaemia Clinic has been refurbished with HPLC and is now able to offer organ specific iron overload detection facilities with the installation of a 1.5T MRI. The attached Blood Bank too has been upgraded to move beyond the mere storing of blood and is now capable of offering blood components like fresh / frozen plasma, packed cells and platelets – all vital inputs in the fight against the dreaded disease.

The Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), the kernel from which springs the sapling of freedom against germs and differentiates a truly great hospital from the others has also been upgraded to global standards with the introduction of a number of key equipments and the adoption of acknowledged best practices.

Incubators of Excellence

Devan has over the years established its sway over 40 medical and surgical specialties where practitioners attached with it hold the position of being authorities in their respective fields and attract patients referred from the neighboring areas, both within and outside the country.

Devan has been one of the front runners in Cardiology and Cardio Thoracic treatments for decades at an end now. It houses one of the most technically advanced Cathlabs where some of the most renowned specialists carry out procedures like Cardiac Pacing, Coronary and Peripherial Angiographies and Angioplasties, Embolotherapies. Open Heart Surgeries for Coronary Artery diseases, Congenial and Acquired Valvular Heart Diseases, Vascular and Thoracic Surgeries are conducted regularly and with consistently successful results which can be compared with the best facilities in the world.

Devan was the prime mover in replacement surgeries in Eastern India and is proud to be acknowledged as the nursery of Orthopedic Surgery having trained many of the established orthopedic surgeons of the day. It is recognized as a destination for complex surgical procedures like reconstructive surgery of long bones, revision surgeries like replacement of joints and the like which are carried with enviable track records on a regular basis. Devan is also known for its prowess in the field of spinal surgery while its expertise in trauma care and plastic surgery too are beyond doubt.

Gastroenterology is another area where the Devan expertise is universally acknowledged. Exponents whose reputation go beyond the boundaries have, from within the hallowed confines of the hospital, produced research work that have gone to enrich the knowledge of the subject, not content with merely restricting themselves only to their clinical commitments. Devan was also the first to have established special clinics like Liver, IBD and Pancreatic Clinics to further specialise and refine the response to specific disorders relating to these organs. Needless to say, the department has some of the most advanced equipments backing it including the Fibroscan and Endoscopic Ultrasound.

Devan has, since its inception, stressed on capacity creation, especially in the areas of support services where availability of trained and qualified personnel was an exception, rather than the rule. At present it runs courses offering Masters in Emergency Management in association with the domain dominating George Washington University; Master of Hospital Administration; DNB and BPT. The Devan Hospital College of Nursing another path breaking initiative of the entity, offers Post Basic BSc Nursing, Generic BSc Nursing and GNM courses.

In keeping with its stature as a Center for Excellence in medical studies, Devan is designated as an Overseas Examination Centre for MRCP (Ireland) and the Indo-Australian Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine. Devan is only the second Hospital in India to partner with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) London and offer Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Scheme which offers the opportunity of undergoing two years clinical training and experience in the UK National Health Service (NHS) hospital Trusts for suitably qualified international medical graduates.

Devan has been a dedicated exponent of Research works in all its fields of excellence and has built up an enviable body of published work over the years. Its publications have added value to prestigious scientific journals while its active and contributory participation have enriched conferences around the world.

Devan has always sought to excel in all that it does, seeking to attain the highest standards of sustainability and ethicality as a transparent and morally responsible institution. It has committed itself to the core value of combining care with compassion and competence in keeping with the spirit of the nobility of its profession and prides itself in the selfless manner in which it has gone about, keeping its tryst with medical destiny.