Operation Theatres


Hospital acquired infection is as high as 10-30% in Indian Hospitals. Of many factors which contribute to hospital acquired infection, post operative incidence of hospital acquired infection is significant. At Devan Hospital we take this issue very seriously. Hence the up gradation of our operation theatres into the Modular type- the one of its kind in this region.

The key features of our Modular Operation Theatre Complex are as follows
  • Laminar airflow designed air conditioning system with Large Illuminated Plenum and Hepa Filter to Eliminate OT Acquired infection
  • Seamless, Jointless Construction with Steel panels
  • Imported anti-bacterial, anti-fungal painting of walls and ceiling
  • Hermetically sealed with auto-sensing sliding doors for patient and surgeon entry
  • Antistatic-conductive flooring
  • Ceiling mounted pendants with medical gas points, electrical outlets, equipment mounting, Ethernet / video connectivity
  • Control panels with real time digital clock, OT time lapsed display, temperature, humidity monitoring, medical gas alarm, plenum and peripheral light dimmers
  • Flushed hatched box for unsterile materials to be transferred to the unsterile zone of CSSD
  • Sterile and unsterile zones distinctly divided with air pressure gradients across the zones
  • Unidirectional flow of materials: Ours is the only hospital in the entire region which boasts of separate corridor in the OT’s for used and sterile linens and equipments.
  • The CSSD of Devan Hospital is one of the finest CSSD’s in the country with a unidirectional instrument flow and a lot of features which has been incorporated for the first time in the country.
  • The air is totally conditioned with the dirty area and the Ethylene Oxide room provided with a dedicated exhaust.
  • The only CSSD in the country to maintain ISO class 8 standards for air pressure gradient.
  • The only CSSD in the Eastern sector of the country to have a bacteriostatic (does not allow growth of microorganisms) PVC flooring in the clean and sterile areas.
The zones are strictly maintained and marked as:
  • Sterile Zone
  • Clean Zone
  • Disposal Zone
Water Supply:

We have separate reserve emergency overhead tank which dedicatedly offers water supply to operation theatres. The supply is De-ionized and R.O. water.

Fire Safety:

Our OT is provided with both ionization and optical fire detectors as against heat detectors, since equipment-oriented operation theatres are likely to create more smoke than heat in the eventuality of fire. Hydrants and fire extinguishers are stationed and functional at every level possible. Fire exit route is clearly identified, ear marked and well illuminated.

All these improvements have been done bearing huge investments to serve our patients better. These initiatives will reflect a huge impact on the quality of patient care and help us strengthen the trust our patients have placed on us.