National Neurosciences Centre Calcutta

National Neurosciences Centre Calcutta (NNC) is a joint association of Devan Hospital and Neurosciences Foundation Bengal. It provides world class services in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroanesthesiology& Critical Care,Pediatric Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Speech Pathology and Neurophysiology. Neurological and Neurosurgical consultationsby U.K., U.S.A and Canada based doctors are available at this facility. The Department is equipped with an 18bedded ITU and a 42 bedded Ward entirely dedicated to neurological and neurosurgical patients.

Neurotrauma| Neurology |Neurosurgery | Neuroanesthesiology& Critical Care |Pediatric Neurology |Neuropsychiatry| Speech Pathology
1. Neurotrauma
Head injury | Spinal injury | Peripheral nerve injury
2. Neurology
Brain Stroke | Epilepsy| Parkinsonism| Guillain Barre Syndrome | Vascular Neuritis | Meningitis | Encephalopathy | Multiple Sclerosis | Parkinsonism| Dyselectrolytemia| Others
3. Neurosurgery
a) Tumors
Brain Tumors | Spinal Tumors | Peripheral nerve tumors | Orbital tumors

b) Cerebrovascular Surgery
Stroke Surgery | Aneurysm Surgery | AVM Surgery | Carotid Surgery | Surgery for Moya Moya disease

c) Spinal degenerative diseases
Spondylosis | Spondylolisthesis | Surgery for syringomyelia | Complex spinal fixation

d) Cranio-Vertebral junction surgery including
Atlanto-axial dislocation | Chiari malformation

e) Surgery for hydrocephalus

f) Pediatric neurosurgery including meningocele repair and spinal dysraphism

g) Infection
Surgery for spinal tuberculosis | Surgery for hydatid disease of brain etc.

h) Miscellaneous
Carpal Tunnel syndrome | Nerve and muscle biopsies | Scalp tumors | Skull tumors

4. Neuroanesthesiology& Critical Care
5. Pediatric Neurology
6. Neuropsychiatry
7. Speech Pathology


EEG | Video EEG | EMG | NCV | VEP | BAER | RNS | SSEP | VEP| Video Telemetry

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