Managing Director's Communique

With the entire Globe watching amazing technological advances over the last few decades, we live in an almost surreal world. Impact of such advances most palpable in our everyday life are the ones which revolve round our health. Major loss of life in the past occurred because of infection. Many of the lethal infections were brought under control through use of vaccination, effective antimicrobials and improvement in general hygiene. There are still many illnesses which are preventable through above means and by changes in life style. Often we do not attach enough importance to these simple measures and take these for granted. Our main attention is driven towards the claims made by various health care agencies who import technology to treat certain medical conditions where a suitable alternative already exists. Such technology with marginal benefits and sometimes no added benefits are sold to consumers through improper advertisements. There are no standard mechanisms in place to guide consumers in the right direction and even if they are, these are overlooked.

When it comes to health, understandably, we all want to have the best available options if one can afford. To create confusion by making extra ordinary claim is not only harmful but is also grossly unethical. Maintaining ethics in medical practice is the most important aspect of health care and all of us should do our best to protect interest of our patients and not do any harm willfully. In present day medical practice, lots of new technology is available and many of us are trained to use them. We must use those in proper context and not simply as another business initiative to serve interest of the investors. It is our duty to maintain trust and confidence of our patients and try our best to keep sanctity of the noblest of all professions.