ENT Head & Neck Surgery

ENT Head & Neck Surgery is a specialized Department which deals with Ear, Nose, Throat diseases, including Head and Neck related disorders. The department has an audiology and speech therapy centre with latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. It is committed to expanding the frontiers of diagnosis , treatment and research in disorders of the ear , nose and sinuses , throat and head & neck. A team of highly trained specialists provide excellent service to patients from not only India but also from the neghbouring countries. Several high end surgeries like Cochlear implant surgeries, head and neck tumor surgeries (Parathyroid tumor, Revision parotid tumors, Thyroid tumors including cancers, Skull base tumor removal ), Endoscopic brain fluid leak repair through nose popularly known as CSF rhinorrhoea, facial nerve paralysis surgeries, plastic surgery of nose, Reconstruction of wind pipe popularly known as tracheal reconstruction, tracheo-esophageal fistulae repair ; are performed routinely in this institute besides routine surgeries of ear, nose, throat and head & neck region.

Audiology & Speech Therapy Centre

We also have an Audiology and Speech Therapy Centre with the facilities for the following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for all ages starting from newborn upwards:

  • Speech Audiometry
  • Pure tone Audiometry
  • Tests for pseudohypacusis
  • Acoustic Immitance Studies
  • Tympanogram, Stapedial reflex, Reflex decay, Eustachain tube function test
  • All types of Special Hearing Tests : SISI, Tone Decay Threshold , SDS, ABLB, Loudness Scaling BERA testing etc.
  • Hearing aid Trial and Fitting

Assessment Evaluation of Voice Speech and Language Disorders and its subsequent treatment facilities:

  • Articulation disorder
  • Hoarseness/Harshness/ Prophylaxis for professional voice users
  • Stuttering/Stammering, cluttering – fluency disorders
  • Cleft palate speech rehabilitation
  • Aphasias, apraxias and dysarthrias
  • Delayed speech and language development due to mental retardation, autism.
  • Speech therapy for degenerative disorders
  • Endoscopy (OPD Procedure) Nasal & Laryngoscopy

Apart from the routine ENT Head & Neck clinic, this department cater the following specialised clinics:

  • Vertigo Clinic
  • Cochlear Implant clinic
  • Childrens ENT Head & Neck clinic
  • Voice disorder clinic
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea clinic

Excellent harmony with the skillful radiology department gives an added advantage in diagnosis and management of some uncommon ENT Head & Neck conditions.

Surgeries :
- For severe deafness we do perform BAHA and Cochlear implantation surgeries according to the need.

BAHA surgery
In this surgery, a highly sophisticated hearing device is surgically attached to the head by a titanium clip, which helps a person having deafness, to hear normally. The machine uses the functioning hearing organ for appreciation of hearing.

Cochlear Implantation
A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device in the inner ear, that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. Cochlear implants can restore hearing in patients suffering from deafness due to loss of sensory hair cells in their cochlea. In those patients, they can often restore sufficient hearing to allow unaided understanding of speech in a quieter background.. Our specialists in this department have performed numerous surgeries of this kind with a high rate of success.

Other Surgeries :

  • Routine surgeries of ear, nose & throat, head & neck eg Tympanoplasty, Septoplasty, Mastoidectomies, Myringotomy and grommet insertion, Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, removal of foreign bodies from Pharynx and oesophagus through Laryngoscope etc are done with encouraging results.
  • In addition to our routine surgeries, we have highly specialised expertise in the following areas :
    • Surgery of the facial nerve
    • Thyroplasty
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Microlaryngeal surgery
    • Stapedectomy
    • Septorhinoplasty
    • Thyroid surgery
    • Parotid tumor surgery
    • Submandibular gland surgery
    • Head and neck cancer surgeries
    • Reconstructive middle ear surgery
    • Congenital ear anomalies
    • Surgery for snoring and sleep apnoea
    • Revision ear surgeries
    • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
    • Phonosurgery
    • Phonosurgery

LASER is used by our skilled surgeons when needed for precision.