Free Breast Cancer Detection through Digital Mammogram

Devi Jain Foundation - a public charitable trust, founded in 1992, is committed to the philosophy of “Bahujana Hitaya, Bahujana Sukhayacha’. With this philosophy, the trust lauches FREE Breast Cancer Detection through Digital Mammogram at Devan Hospital & Devi Jain Research Centre. Purpose of this initiative is to serve the needs of underprivileged section of the society. The initiative will be inaugurated at Devan Hospital & Devi Jain Research Center in presence of Swami Vimalatmanandaji Maharaj, Trustee of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math and Swami Nityakamanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan, hyderabad and Mr.S.K.Roy, Chairman & Managing Trustee of Devi Jain Foundation on 13th December 2016.

The aim of this endeavour is to make the society aware of early breast cancer and its symptoms, by regular screening of women who are susceptible to the disease. In order to detect early symptoms of breast cancer and reduce death rates due to it, women can visit our FREE Breast Cancer Detection Clinic. The eligibility criteria for FREE Breast Cancer Detection Clinic are:

• Women above 25years of age,
• Those who are at high risk with strong family history of breast cancer.
• Feeling of suspicious small lump in either breast
• Women whos' family income less that Rs.5000 per month.

The entire program is funded by Devi Jain Foundation as a CSR project of The Devan General Finance & Investment Limited.

In order to avail the free service prior appointment is required by calling over telephone no. 033 4033 3333

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